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Good news! Denmark’s all-electric ferry, Ellen, completed its 10 month trial last week. The trial proved to be a success as Ellen has shown an energy efficiency rating of 85%, twice that of diesel, and will save more money over her decades of service life. Ellen is powered exclusively by batteries that provide 4.3 megawatts of power.
Why is this good news? 
Depending on various factors, an electric ferry will be a more economical option, over diesel, after only eight years of service. Although the upfront costs are higher, almost $17 million per ferry, the operating costs are much lower, leading to a more cost-effective option. The implementation of electric ferries is also good news for the environment, as the use of the new vessel can cut emissions by 2,250 tonnes of CO2 every year (assuming the batteries are charged by renewable resources). 
Ellen can be seen in all her electric beauty below:

Source:  Euractiv Full Story
Morgan, Sam, Euractiv. “Denmark’s e-ferry passes sea trials in style” 23 June 2020.