Researchers Create Lozenge That Rebuilds Tooth Enamel

June 2, 2021 by No Comments

Good news! Researchers at the University of Washington’s School of Dentistry have created a lozenge that could be used daily to maintain and even rebuild the tooth enamel in users. Human trials are expected to begin shortly on this exciting new possibility for passive dental care.

The lozenge uses a genetically engineered peptide along with calcium ions and phosphorus to mimic tooth enamel. Each lozenge will deposit several micrometers of new enamel on the teeth via the peptide. The peptide is designed to bind to damaged enamel and not affect the soft tissue present in the cheeks and gums.

The lozenge also comes with impactful cosmetic purposes as well. Since the new enamel created by the treatment is whiter than what typical tooth whitening procedures create, it can replace a whole industry of bleaching trays and strips. An added bonus is that this method actually whitens and rebuild enamel instead of damaging the tooth with whitening chemicals.

The team leader, Professor Mehmet Sarikaya, expects the first phase of trials to begin right away and focus on efficacy, documentation, and benchmarking against other whitening products.

Source: University of Washington