Paralyzed Mice Able to Walk Again After Gel Injected into Spinal Cord

November 18, 2021 by No Comments

Good news! Scientists at Northwestern University have created a new gel that stimulates new cell growth and nerve regeneration in the spinal cords of paralyzed mice. The treatment was injected into the spinal cords of 76 previously paralyzed mice, with some receiving a placebo, and monitored for four weeks. The gel solution showed the treated mice were able to regain some function in their hind legs, where the placebo injected mice were not.

The regained walking ability of the paralyzed mice was tested against those given the placebo and found to be three times greater. The solution was injected one day after injury so it still needs to be tested on those with longer term spinal injuries, but the approach shows promise for a potential treatment in humans.

Source: Newscientist