July 10, 2020 by No Comments

Good news! The crew aboard the ship KWAI have returned to Honolulu with more than 100 tons of plastic and nets from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This haul is the largest single cleanup effort so far and is more than twice the amount that they returned with last year. The crew’s mission began in the Hawaii town of Hilo on May 4th, and lasted 48 days until their return back home with the polluting items. 
Why is this good news?
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is currently twice the size of Texas – or three times the size of France – and is located between California and Hawaii. The Patch is created by the North Pacific Gyre, which is a system of circulating currents that leads to the trash accumulation in this area of the Pacific Ocean. The plastic that has collected in the ocean has extreme adverse effects on wildlife, especially microplastics that can make their way inside of fish and animals. These cleanup efforts are a good start to help clear our oceans of human-created pollution. 

Source:  Maritime Executive Full Story
The Maritime Executive. “Sailing Ship Sets Marine Plastic Recovery Record”. 24 June 2020