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Good news! The worlds first spherical artificial eye with a 3D retina has been created by scientists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). After nine years of development, the new Electrochemical Eye (EC-EYE) boasts capabilities better than any existing bionic eye and could soon best the human eye. This development ushers in a new era for robotics and a new class of ocular prosthetic for the visually impaired.

Why is this good?

This would be a serious upgrade from current prosthetic eyes. Existing models rely on the user to wear glasses with an external video processing unit, and still display a 2D image.The EC-EYE is the closest thing researchers have come to created a replica of the eyes natural processes and could one day eclipse the capabilities of the organic human eye. The team even goes on to speculate about the possibility of better than 20/20 vision and night vision capabilities for the artificial eye. They will now get to work fine tuning performance and making EC-EYE more bio-compatible for future implementation.

Source:  HKUST Full Story
¬†Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. “World’s first spherical artificial eye has 3D retina.” 10 June 2020.