New Magnetic Helmet Device Shrunk Deadly Tumor by 31% in First Test

August 5, 2021 by No Comments

Good news! In the first test for a new “Oncomagnetic” device, a glioblastoma tumor was reduced by 31%. The patient in the study had end-stage recurrent glioblastoma and had undergone all over therapy options typically employed for the ailment. After wearing the magnetic helmet for 5 weeks it was confirmed to have reduced the volume of the tumor by almost a third. The case study can be found here.

The device consists of three oncoscillators connected to a helmet worn by the user. The magnets create an oscillating magnetic field that covers the area of the brain and disrupts electron transport for the cells. The next step will be clinical trials for the device which could be a nice alternative for more invasive treatment methods for this type of brain cancer.

Source: Medscape