New Class of Antibiotics Discovered to Kill Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria

December 28, 2020 by No Comments

Good news! Researchers have created a new class of antibiotics that are able to kill chemical-resistant bacteria. Antimicrobial resistance is an increasingly difficult problem for healthcare providers to tackle as more chemical resistant strains of bacteria evolve. Traditionally we treat most bacterial infections with novel antibiotics, however our persistent use of the treatments has allowed some bacterial strains to mutate and develop defenses against the drugs. The search for a new class of antibiotics has been viewed as necessary for the future of medicine.

Dual-acting-immuno-biotics, or DAIAs, act by targeting the metabolic pathway in the bacteria, at the same time they activate an immune response in the patient’s body to fight the infection and create antibodies. This dual approach has the ability to kill the “superbugs” that have evaded traditional antibiotic treatments lately. The World Health Organization even predicts that these “superbugs” can be responsible for 10 million deaths per year by 2050. This approach using DAIAs is one of many underway to tackle the ongoing issue of antibiotic-resistance, and could save millions of lives in the process.

Source: Daily Mail