NASA’s Curiosity Rover Celebrates 3000 Days on Mars

January 12, 2021 by No Comments

Good news! NASA’s Curiosity Rover, which launched from Earth November 26th 2011 and arrived on Mars August 6th 2012, will celebrate its 3,000th Martian day (Sols) today January 12th 2021. The workhorse rover has been tirelessly exploring the red planet using it’s onboard instruments in search of the planet’s potential for habitability.

The rover travels along the surface identifying areas that could offer clues into Mars’ past. It then drills a hole to analyze sediment below the rusty surface of the soil, and analyzes the results of its dig.

Curiosity continues to be a serviceable rover for NASA even as it’s successor, Perseverance, is scheduled to land on the planet next month. Perseverance is tasked with looking for signs of ancient Martian life. Perseverance will also be the first rover mission that intends to deliver its samples back to Earth. The small cores that is collects are intended to be brought back to Earth in a future mission. Stay tuned for more as we approach landing day.

Source: BBC