James Webb’s Mirrors Now Fully Aligned. First View is Better Than Expected

March 17, 2022 by No Comments

Good news! The James Webb Space Telescope is now fully focused and it's mirrors aligned. The telescope still has a few more tests before NASA will declare it fully operational but the initial image has been completed and shows a field view much deeper than expected. Not only did the telescope pick up the light and refractions from the target star but was also able to pickup distant starts and galaxies with unexpected focus as well.

The initial tests have scientists rightfully excited about the near and far term potential for the heir apparent to Hubble. Although the generational successor to the Hubble telescope, The Webb focuses on light in the infrared spectrum, which Hubble is not designed to see. So Webb should be showing us parts of the universe that have been invisible to us so far, and hopefully launch a new understanding of the cosmos we inhabit.

Efficiency is key for the Webb as well. According to Randy Kimble, NASA Webb scientist for integration, Webb will be able to acquire its best deep field images in hours as compared to Hubble's weeks. We patiently await for Webb to be fully operational to see what mysteries it will uncover, and with a sensitivity 100 times that of Hubble, it is only a matter of time.

Source: Space.com