James Webb Telescope Successfully Deploys Secondary Mirror & Sunshield

January 6, 2022 by No Comments

Good news! Since the James Webb Space Telescope successfully launched on Christmas Eve, it has now started to deploy its various shields, instruments, and mirrors. The telescope is currently 600,000 miles from Earth as it hurdles to the L2 Lagrange point about 330,000 miles further.

The telescope completed a series of major milestones as it unfolded it sunshield - vital to keeping the instrumentation cold in the presence of the beating sun, it's secondary mirror - a tripod that reflects light to its instruments, and the ADIR (Aft Deployable Instrument Radiator) - a trap door that radiates heat from the telescope into space.

The final series of the major instrument deployments should be completed tomorrow and Saturday as the two primary mirrors will rotate into position and give the telescope the distinctive honey comb shaped mirror that it is known for.

Source: NASA