Including Seaweed in Cow’s Diets Could Cut Methane Emissions by 82%

March 18, 2021 by No Comments

Good news! Scientists have discovered that adding a small amount of seaweed to a cow’s diet can drastically reduce the amount of methane released by the animal by 82%. Methane is a very troublesome greenhouse gas for the environment, and although it is shorter lived than C02, it is 30x more effective at trapping heat. About 10% of methane emissions in the US come from agriculture, and the burping/farting that they release as they graze. A relatively short five month study has shown evidence that a seaweed called Asparagopsis taxiformis can drastically reduce these agricultural emissions. This particular seaweed is more scarce than your typical seaweed but needs to only comprise 2% of a cow’s diet to be effective.

Source: The Guardian