Growing Vegetables with Seawater Becoming More Viable

May 25, 2022 by No Comments

Good news! The use of saltwater to grow vegetables is becoming more and more practical. Seawater Solutions in Glasgow has created a business by growing saline plants which can be eaten or used in cosmetics and biofuels. These plants are grown in slat marshes which protect the coast from erosion and also absorb 30 times the carbon of a similarly sized rainforest.

In the Netherlands, the Salt Farm Foundation is adopting agriculture of plants that are more saline resistant and can survive being fed with brackish water. They have discovered certain varieties of potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, beetroots, and strawberries are able to tolerate higher saline content in their soil. There is still an uphill climb in convincing more farmers to introduce saltwater into their crops - as this has long been seen as the enemy - but their remains hope that this type of solution can provide hope for those with limited access to fresh water. Fresh water, after all, only accounts for 2% of the world's water.

Source: Euronews