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Good news! The Democratic Republic of Congo has announced that the second-largest Ebola outbreak on record is over. The outbreak lasted almost two years and claimed over 2,200 victims. There were 3,463 confirmed cases and 2,277 deaths resulting in a staggering 66% mortality rate for this outbreak. Unfortunately another outbreak flared up over 600 miles away, but officials determined that it was a separate instance and not related to this one. 

Why is this good news?
The Ebola Virus Disease is an often fatal illness if left untreated, with some outbreaks seeing a mortality rate upwards of 90%. This marks the end of the second-largest outbreak in history, and a world health emergency that was declared in July 2019. There has been recent progress towards an Ebola vaccine – now FDA approved – that if administered effectively, could help prevent the spread and severity of future outbreaks. 
The announcement from the World Health Organization regarding the positive news below:

Source:  Channel News Asia Full Story
Channel News Asia. “Congo declares end of Ebola outbreak in east, second deadliest in history” 25 June 2020