Formula 1 Has Developed 100% Sustainable Biofuel For Use in F1 Cars

December 21, 2020 by No Comments

Good news! A new biofuel developed by the FIA (Federation de l’Automobile) has been delivered to various Formula 1 engine manufacturers for testing in their models. The FIA has previously stated a goal of the sport to be “carbon-neutral” in 2021 and use 100% sustainable fuels by 2026.

The secretive fuel’s ingredients have been kept under wraps but the FIA says it is “exclusively refined using biowaste”. Next season, all teams must use fuel that is 10% biofuel, with the intention of increasing to 100% by the 2026 season. Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes-AMG, and Renault are all in possession of the fuel and will begin testing immediately.

Source: Autocar