Brandon Bair, Former NFL D End, Saves Man From Train Crash

May 11, 2021 by No Comments

Good news! Former NFL defensive end, Brandon Bair, rescued a man trapped in a burning semi-truck minutes after it was struck by an oncoming train in Idaho last week. Bair was driving on Highway 20 in St. Anthony, Idaho when he saw the explosion caused by the train striking the semi-truck. After calling 911, Bair reached into the wreckage to pull 25 year old Steven Jenson to safety from the burning debris. Mere seconds after the rescue, the cab collapsed in the fire and subsequent explosions raced through the truck. If Bair’s efforts took any longer than they did it is likely the outcome would have been much different for Jenson, who is now in stable condition after an airlift to the hospital.

Source: ESPN